CROC love

Not sure that Ruby really loves CROCS or the odour that Dear Husbands gardening CROCS might contain! Like most pups, she crashes in weird places when she has run around and played so much she just drops where she is. Ruby is 12 weeks old today and she had her first off lead run on the beach and she was delighted with the freedom and fun to be had with the beach to herself and our old dog. I practised calling her back regularly and refitting her harness while she sat patiently, she has been so good so far and learning so fast.


Rest is not idleness said...

Isn't she gorgeous, I love how young animals just crash and fall asleep where ever they are, you just look at them and think "that can't be comfortable", but they just sleep on, and then when they wake it's full on action again.
take care

Anonymous said...

Look at that pudgey puppy belly! How cute is she?

Glad to hear she's learning quickly. Some of my friends dals were very smart. Others? Not so much.