Vintage in vogue

This afternoon I was given a wonderful opportunity to look through a huge box of old dressmaking patterns and these were the ones I selected. Aren't they great, so stylish. Wouldn't Audrey Hepburn love some of these frocks? I hope one day Darling Daughter might want something like these for a formal dress, fingers crossed, I think I would love whipping one of these beauties up for her. Not the baby one or the aprons though, thought they might be cute made up in some of the new fabrics around in the patchwork stores.


2paw said...

They are fabulous and she would indeed. I think dresses are making a comeback!!!

Anonymous said...

Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O .... the red sheath is fabulous, but you have be a skinny minnie to pull that one off.

Levin (and Emily) said...

i just wish i had the figure to wear them. emily and i have just finished watching an old movie (summer holiday) and the fashion was fantastic! i hope for you that your daughter will want one - fashion in those days was quite glamorous!

Rachel said...

I love the belted dresses with full skirts! So pretty.

Miz Molly said...

These are gorgeous!

I have a small collection of vintage patterns myself, including a wedding dress pattern.
Unfortunately, I don't think I have the cinched in waist that these dresses would demand!