Colour me pretty: pink thursday (belated)

I've been a green and pink depression glass collector for quite a few years now and these are the most recent additions to the growing collection I have accumulated. This pair of 1930's candlesticks were a Christmas gift from my sister and they are very special to me not only because she found them for me but because of their name. The design name of these candlesticks is "Newbound" by Imperial Glass, which was our maiden name. An unusual English name and from the family history I've been doing all Newbound's in Australia descend from one convict that arrived in Sydney in 1837. The saddest thing about this name is that in our immediate family their is no one to carry the name on to the next generation. My dad was the youngest of 11 children, 8 of them being boys but sadly not one of the boys had a son.

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Lea said...

Oh thanks for leaving me the link to your collections! I love depression glass and have only one green piece. I have been reluctant to start collecting because I think I already have enough stuff hoarding my home. I might change my mind tho after seeing your beautiful collection. I adore these pink candlestick holders but even more, I love the story behind them. So special to have found them.