Family outing

Yesterday we ventured away from home to visit with some holidaying friends from many years ago. We had a great afternoon and evening at a great little camping spot, shared a wonderful curry meal and sticky date pudding between 15 of us, eating outdoors and enjoying good company and great wines. Wandering around the beach I came across this little trio, dad wasn't far away hunting and gathering to feed his two little chicks while mum protected them at the waters edge. I so wish I had taken my tele lens, they weren't too worried about my presence but I would have liked to get closer and clearer shots. They are Pied Oystercatchers and reasonably common around Australia's beaches but are of course threatened by cats and dogs, but also by us humans invading their breeding places over the summer months. So glad I didn't have my dogs with me and I could just watch this little family unit surviving another day on a busy beach.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

hey - sounds like you had a lovely time. we've been visited by a couple of ibis on the oval across the road from us. i think they are a little lost, but it's lovely watching them.
looks like the kids are having a good holiday. emily freaked out a little yesterday as she realised that the holidays are nearly over!!!!