Error! Error!

Evening all, I have just sat down after a long day at work to continue knitting my third Windshield Loose Lacy Neckwarmer and discovered two typos in my pattern. This is very embarrassing as the pattern has been available for just over 24 hours and it has been downloaded on Ravelry 150 times! Thank you to all the knitters out their who like my neckwarmer enough to want to knit one yourself but please download a corrected pattern. I have made the changes in the pattern in my previous post but for those who want to update their printed copy here are the changes.

Rows 17 and 27 should read

Row 17 - k2,yo,ssk,yo,k2,k2tog,ssk,k2,yo,k2tog,yo,k2
Row 27 - ssk,k3,yo,ssk,yo,k1,yo,k2tog,yo,k3,k2tog

My humble apologies. Lisa x


Mandi said...

Haven't knitted in years ...keep saying I will start up again but never do....always something else to finish....yours looks great ....

Rachel said...

It's a beautiful pattern!