Roosting or roasting?

Here is my invaluable spotty washing helper, she assists with any dropped socks or pegs, but of course we have to cope with a little Ruby slobber if she helps us out. She cries at the gate if she isn't allowed to help with hanging out the washing and most recently she has taken to sitting up on top of the pizza oven so she can keep a very close eye on everything going on in the yard and into the house via the three windows she can spy through from this vantage point. We've had a Dalmatian before and were led to believe they don't jump, our old fellow couldn't even jump into the back of the station wagon but Ruby is proving to be a real mountain goat. She certainly has personality. The only way I could take her photo was to get Darling Daughter to assist, Ruby just dotes on me and follows me everywhere even when I'm trying to take her photograph which is very frustrating. It's Ruby's 10 month birthday today and she's still a very silly puppy and will be for another year or so, I had forgotten how much work a pup is but she is worth it except when you find chewed up bedding, plants, pegs, mats, etc, etc...........


Anonymous said...

Ruby is really growing up.

When Stephen was in elementary school we had a friend that bred dals.

When she put her house for sale, we watched the dogs --- all 15 of them ... 4 adults and 11 puppies! We were busy!!!! LOL

But the antics of the puppies and M.C. (the big male adult) kept us laughing!

Meg said...

Don't you just love pets.