A toad of a fish

Sunday was a very trying day, Ruby picked up what I thought was a Common Toadfish while out walking along the river, no way would she let me have it and she promptly swallowed it as I got near her. Two and a half hours later I knew it was definitely a very poisonous Common Toadfish, she vomited and vomited, her heart was racing as was her breathing, her muscles were weak and she was shaking like a leaf. I found the offending fish in one of the deposits around the yard. She wasn't looking very good at all so off to the vets house in the dark we went, after a couple of injections she seemed to be improving. There is no antivenin for this neurotoxin type of poison. Poor girl, she was miserable but she has now recovered and back to her mad 11 month old puppy self. I will be keeping some washing soda on hand to bring on vomiting for the next thing she swallows that shouldn't have been swallowed. With the eye problem she has she seems to have to assess everything she finds in her mouth and she has made a few errors of judgement so we need to be prepared.


Anonymous said...

Glad she is going to be okay!

We have toads around here that are dangerous to dogs and what do they want to eat? The toads!

Sheesh -- WHAT about a toad looks delicious????

2paw said...

Oh that was Very Lucky!!!