Big week

Where do I has been a busy but very good week in the history of this little family.

Surfer Boy begins his final year of schooling very soon and last week was inducted as a prefect by his peers and teachers, a very proud moment for mum in the second row at the full school assembly, unfortunately Dear Husband was away with work for the week. It was so good to see my gangly big boy stride onto the stage in his size 13 shoes and accept his badge to whoops of delight from the crowd. I hope he does the badge and his school proud over the next 12 months and enjoys the rewards of being a part of the student leadership group for 2010. Live and Learn.

Next, Darling Daughter has played netball for many years now and I have sometimes begrudgingly gotten out of bed and supported her each Saturday and most recently Ruby has also come along as a very happy supporter so long as all the team pats her.............a lot! Anyway this last Saturday it was the final game of the season and the Extremes won by a good margin, it was a fabulous hard fought game to watch. The barracking from the side lines was loud and enthusiastic, and it paid off in the end with an 8 point lead. The team sported purple sprayed hair, purple indian stripes on their cheeks, various shades of purple ribboning, they sat in a circle and bonded before the game with chatter totally unrelated to the game ahead while the opposition ran laps and warmed up with ball skills. Our team is a group of girls who are great friends who decided that having no manager or coach was the way to go if you just want to enjoy a fun game of netball each weekend and if they got to the grand final then that would be OK too. Dear Husband fortunately arrived home in time for this great game and Nana New was another excited spectator..............not sure why she has never attended before, she is an addicted armchair sportsperson and was once a pretty fine competitor herself.

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Congrats to Surfer Boy and Darling Daughter! Isn't it great when you get to watch your children succeed!