Random things

Finally, time to sit down and let you see what I've been up to in the last couple of weeks, I've become a very seldom blogger. Not good! The good intentions are there but the light is terrible in the late afternoon for photographing anything when I get home from work and well I just seem to be too busy or tired.

Anyway, I'm pleased to show you I have been teaching myself to crochet very basic squares in 4ply Heirloom cotton in lovely French country inspired colours, maybe a nice lightweight throw for our bed in the making once I work out how to join them all up in the easiest possible way. It did take me 3 nights and much cursing to follow the crochet pattern, stitch instructions and trying to make sense of the diagrammatic pattern...................patience is one of my talents I'm pleased to say and I did eventually get it, now I just need to get into it before I forget how.

My mum knitted up an Angel Puff Scarf but was very worried about the felting process, she handed over the macadamia nuts and her knitting and left me too it. It just seems torturous to felt this gorgeous 1ply lace weight mohair in the machine with a pair of old Levi's, lucky she wasn't present.............but all ended well with a wonderful light and fluffy unique scarf which she'll have to put away for next winter as the warm weather has hit us with an avengence over the weekend.

Finally a very zoomed snap of our gorgeous Ruby dog through a very dirty kitchen window early one morning. Ruby has taken to sleeping on the raised garden bed outside Surfer Boys bedroom window even though it poured rain all that night, she just has to be near her family all of the time. She does have a deluxe kennel inside the garage with a big soft and warm blanket. The other thing she wouldn't want to miss is the very early dark'o'clock run down to the beach with Surfer Boy on his yard waste bike to check the surf ready for a before school surf or swim as the case may be. Ruby has turned one and she is a big part of our family whether we like it or not, she really makes her presence known!


Crafty Cripple said...

I want to do the Angel puff scarfas I love the Nicky Epstein book it came from. I have the yarn, but I don't have the nuts. We only seem to get nuts in shells at Christmas in these parts!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Ruby looks so sweet all curled up like that.

She's a beautiful pup.

2paw said...

Love the crocheted squares, they look great. I wasn't to make that scarf one day too, you mum's looks so snuggly and warm.
Poor Ruby. The Labradors are so sad she sleeps outside in the rain!!!!!! What a funny girl she is!!