Another side of me

I know you very rarely see my face on this's not much to blog about! I thought you might like to see what I have on my back now..................well for a few weeks anyway, it's a henna tattoo. This photo was taken when I got home before the henna was peeled away to reveal the stained pattern on my skin.............I don't have an after photo at the moment to share with you but I'm sure you get the idea. I went to a henna party one evening last week and all the others had designs applied to their feet and hands which works better, dry skin seems to take up the dye more readily. One day soon I will have another go on my feet and Darling Daughter with the left over henna, it's really just the art of doodling, drawing whatever you feel at the time. Not sure I could live with a permanent tattoo but I love the idea of having different ones for different seasons and moods. My design was drawn by Nicky a very talented henna artist who was given free rein to create a paisley asymmetrical design.

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Levin said...

i love your tattoo - and i would love to get one, something small, but i'm too scared of the pain. a henna tattoo seems kinda cool though....