Bears and collections

This is me on my first birthday with my dad and my teddy that I was given that day.............I still have ted but he is a bit thread bare and he doesn't have his embroidered label on his foot anymore. Sylvia mentioned her bear collecting on her blog and it made me think of where it all began for me. If you look carefully you will see Sylvia and I share some very similar bears...........comes from many years of attending and teaching classes in this area together.

My dad passed away 10 years ago and this month he would have been 70 years old, it seems long ago but then other times it only feels like a little while ago I was chatting with him.

I've been working on scanning a whole collection of slides that mum sorted out for me. I have a Canon copy/scan/print machine which has a built in facility for scanning 4 slides at a time but they are coming out quite dark and appear to have a lot of damage or were poorly developed all those years ago. Does anyone have any tips or hints for preserving slides? I have many hundreds to work through. Although there is nothing like pinning a white sheet to the wall and having a family slide night............very nostalgic, might have to do it, mum still has the projector.

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