Moroccan night out

Busy week but made time to whip this little scarf up for the hostess of our Moroccan themed Gourmet night. I'm starting to get the hang of crochet and working with this lovely Cleckheaton Vintage Hues wool (not available any more) made it work up faster, really nice seeing how all the colours come up throughout the piece. Photo taken by Darling Daughter while I was crashing around in the kitchen getting the Moroccan entree sorted after work last night. Great night with a fun group of girls....................late night full of lots of laughs, great food and wine. Thanks Robyn!

You might also like to check out our Gourmet Club Girls blog, we've been meeting since June last year and finally I've got the blog started, lots more recipes to come I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

What a lucky hostess....!! Heather

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you get the Cleckheaton vintage hues book? I made an amazing jumper that's knitted as one piece and cross-hatched out of it. I love that wool! Why they ceased it I wouldn't know!