Potential socks

It will be 2 months tomorrow since my finger was operated on and last week I went back to the hand surgeon for a review and she was pretty happy with it but it is still quite swollen and starts to curl up by the end of the day so now I will be wearing a splint every night. This tumour will recur most probably so it is going to be an ongoing thing keeping this finger in good shape.

I did find some great smooth space dyed sock wool while up seeing the specialist, and boy was it reduced, $5 a 100g ball which is normally $14.95 so I bought 7 colourways hoping that this will encourage me to keep on trying to make my finger knit. I haven't used this brand Moda Vera Noir, maybe it is a Spotlight exclusive, 75% superwash wool and 25% polymide, European wool made in Turkey whatever that really means! I just did a search on this yarn and found an enterprising person is selling it for $10 per ball on Ebay.


Gnat said...

Good luck..hopefully your hand won't bother you too much longer.

FIONA said...

Good to see you are thinking about knitting again!! Good shopping stash there!! When do you want to do lunch??

Anonymous said...

Reminds me a lot of Opal yarn.

Hope your finger lets you get going on some socks!