Moda French General quilt done

I've finally done it!  I've finished this quilt that I've been working on since early 2010.  Now that's a long time to make a very simple big 96"x 96" quilt.  I finished it with 8" wide linen borders and odd corner squares.  The back is two drops of the same linen with a stripe of red scraps down the centre.  It was professionally quilted by Christine at Stack and Stipple, with two layers of batting, one wool and the top very soft acrylic to give the quilting definition.  The hand stitching of the binding took two evenings, it was a really long way around this quilt which is more like a bedsrpead.  It looks lovely on the bed and is just right to sleep under on cooler summer nights. 

And you know what, I've started a new quilt already!  More about that later.


FIONA said...

Gorgeous quilt Lisa - love the fabrics! And love your new heading too!! Very bright and colourful! Good to see you are back into the swing of it!! xx

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me, I've got this fabric, time to put it together.
What is your new quilt project?
Heather xx

Sally said...

Stunning. Really really gorgeous indeedy. You must be feeling very proud.