Books, books and more books

Bibliomania bib·li·o·ma·ni·a - An exaggerated preoccupation with the acquisition and ownership of books.

I have this problem and fortunately we now have a library room in our house.  When Surfer Boy left home to join the Royal Australian Navy we decided to swap some rooms around, paint and lay new carpet.  Darling Daughter of course claimed Surfer Boy's old bedroom because it was the biggest!  I moved my sewing room into a room double the size of the old one, it's the best room in the house!  Full of light and a much better amount of space for all my creative ideas.

The bookcase above is in our new library room and it is 2 metres high by 1.6 metres wide and it's full of just my craft  book collection!  On the opposite side of the long narrow library room are bookshelves from IKEA that are 4.5 metres long and 2 metres high, and they hold a LOT of books, our fiction, non-fiction and reference section.  We've culled our collection, donation to our local charity and we still have books in big boxes in our garage.  Finally got rid of all my very old put of date nursing textbooks and you know what?  Darling Daughter returned from an open day at a nearby university last week and announced "I think I might do nursing". 

I've put two comfy sea grass chairs in the library, a sheepskin in one and a cosy quilt on the other, still need to hang the artwork and then I'll photograph it and show you what a wonderful addition to our home this room is.

You might also notice I've added some of my favourite craft books to the sidebar of my blog.  I found a new website for buying books.  I know, I don't need any more but I would like a few of the latest quilting and knitting ones I've spotted!  If you click on any of them you will be taken the page for that book on, they don't just sell books either.  The prices are listed in Australian Dollars and shipping is free in Australia.  They have a great variety of titles and a really easy to use search facility.

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