My New Year challenge

I'm determined to finally learn how to crochet, not just muddle along, I want to feel very comfortable with a hook in my hand and be able to read and interpret the patterns too.  I started on New Years Day with the biggest jug cover, I used very think cotton which was a putrid pink, picked up at a local charity store for next to nothing.  Also found the little pattern book for jug covers at the charity store, thought they might be a small enough project to begin my crochet journey.  I was pleased with my first effort but I hated that putrid pink so I hunted through my craft supplies and found a couple of spoonfuls of cold water dye, I boiled the completed jug cover in a pot for an hour and now I have a very deep motley watermelon coloured jug cover.  Probably not much of an improvement therefore black and white photography was called for in this post.  I then went on rapidly to produce two more jug covers in finer white cotton and even found a few beads to crochet around the edges.  I am pleased with my efforts and now feel like I can atleast make sense of basic crochet patterns and have mastered a few basic crochet stitches along the way too.  Not sure what I'll do with these jug covers but I guess they'll keep the flies out of nice cool refreshments when I sit outdoors to crochet.

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