Climbed the Cape Otway Lighthouse

Yes, another lighthouse, Cape Otway Lightstation was a bit special.  It is mainland Australia's oldest and most significant lighthouse because it was the one that saved many, many lives when our first settlers, both convict and free arrived from Britain.  Cape Otway is the first land seen after thousands of miles at sea and it is a treacherous course through the eye of the needle to make your way to the mouth of Port Phillip Bay.  This is the first lighthouse we have ever climbed and it was a thrill to step out onto the narrow ledge at the top and walk right around, I was glad to step back in too!  I really wanted to visit this lighthouse as it was the setting for one of my favourite movies, South Solitary.

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Anonymous said...

I love lighthouses. It looks like this one has some pretty substantial steps. The ones here have mesh-grid steps and they make me crazy, but still ... I.MUST.CLIMB. LOL

Your photos are beautiful!