Quick Kindle cover

From the sleeves of a thrifted and previously felted 100% Shetland wool jumper I whipped up a very easy protective cover for my Kindle reader.  Literally it took 10 minutes and it was done and it fits like a glove and will protect one of my favourite gadgets when I'm out and about.  Since I had surgery on my right index finger almost 2 years ago I find holding books in bed very difficult but my Kindle is so easy to manage I'm a very happy convert.  I bought 3 new books this morning so I've got plenty of reading to keep me busy over the next week or so.  If you are going to sew felted knit fabric I would strongly suggest you use a walking foot on your sewing machine, it makes it feed so beautifully and copes with the bulk very well. 

Who uses a ereader?  Where do you buy your books?  What are you all reading at the moment?  I'd love some recommendations and new authors to inspire me to read a bit more than I have been lately. 


Anonymous said...

That turned out beautifully. I like the little pop of black at the bottom.

I'm still reading books the old-fashioned way and right now, I'm reading a bit of Debbie Macomber fluff. I'm working my way through the Cedar Cove series that Stephen gave me for Christmas.

Jennifer said...

No Ereader here, but I do have a Toshiba tablet which does it for me ... still prefer the real thing at the moment. Have two or three on the go at the moment, one an historical view of life in India in the late 1800's, the latest release of Diana Gabaldon's in the Outlander series ( Cross Stitch was the first) and what I would call a 'penny dreadful' cannot even tell you the name of it! I have another sitting here ready to tackle when I find the time 'Goodbye Sarajevo' .... for a light read try Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran, a bit of magical realism :)

Levin said...

I have an ereader. I chose one that supports epub so that I can download from lots of places.
What have I been reading lately? I really enjoyed 'The Birth House' by Ami McKay. I've also read 'The Help' and 'The Colour Purple' (I'd seen the film, but not read the book). These have been my most recent reads. At the moment I'm reading 'Currawalli Street' and 'The Memory Tree' as well as a non fiction book 'Down to Earth'.
What are you reading?

Lea said...

Simple, practical and cute..just my kind of making. I have tried a few times to felt jumpers without success. I used thrifted jumpers that say 100% wool on tag and tried the washing machine/detergent method. I'd love any tips?!