Another hat gift

This one is for a very special friend of mine __my little sister Donna__ (name will be inserted next week).  This hat is knit from Emotive Taradale, a wool and soybean protein yarn which has nice long colour changes perfect for this pattern, the stripes almost lined up with the 5 row pattern.  I used the Guinan pattern by Kim K aka MsAnnThrope also from  The pattern requires a worsted weight or 10 ply yarn, so I added a pale pink 1 ply mohair to the above yarn and it has turned out so soft and soooooooooo warm.  I hope the recipient loves this slouchy hat and that it keeps her noggin warm on the coldest days this winter.

The model this time is a beautiful patterned pottery vase from Mogo Pottery that I bought more than 20 years ago. 

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Donna said...

Hey, what are you doing making me a hat?! Thank you very much!! It's so soft! I'll wear it tonight to our annual long weekend bonfire!