Holden shawlette

I'm loving my Crazy Zauberball adventure knitting up this fun lacy knit.  The Holden Shawlette has kept me busy this week, all was going superbly until I ran out of yarn just a few stitches from the end of the picot bind off, you can see my circular needle still in place in the last photo.  Hoping a fellow knitter on Ravelry may be able to help me out with a leftover from her Multnomah Shawl that she knit from the same shade (2092) of Crazy Zauberball.  Fingers crossed she will find about 5-6 metres for me, at this stage I don't care what colour scrap she has but the orange/Burgundy would be the ultimate find.  Looking forward to blocking this shawl, the lace just shows off the fabulous colours of this yarn so well and it is so soft and light.

Update 15/07/2012 - no luck finding a leftover scrap so far.  I have contacted another Australian Ravelry member today, she knit a pair of odd socks using her Crazy Zauberball leftovers in May maybe she has a tiny bit left. 

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