Our new house............and new mortgage!



These are the set of photos from the real estate agent, I haven't managed to take any others yet.  I'm not trying to confuse anyone who does know my family, one of the sellers children has the same name as one of our children.  The house was meant for us it seems.  Actually we only viewed two properties and the other was a unit. 
I've only been out to the new house once when we moved in the most basic of household goods so Dear Husband could have a little bit of comfort.  We are setting up a retro/mid century style home, which means lots of great solid timber second hand Australian furniture.  
Dear Husband has started in his new position last week and we have now been living apart for 13 weeks and I've hated every minute of it.  The end is insight, Darling Daughter has 3 more exams to complete her Higher School Certificate and then I have no more school children and can start thinking about moving 500 km west.  Yahoo!  The kids are going to look after our coast home and we plan to spend as much time as possible back at the coast over summer anyway.
My next task is to work out what I need to take to set up my new studio and office in Princess's nursery.   

I've just found these 4 photos on the web from a previous sale  mid 2009.   


Stitched Together said...

Wow. The new house looks amazing! The outdoor spaces are stunning. It must be so difficult being a bi-locational family. I bet you can't wait to get your teeth into getting the new place right for you. Have fun getting set up!

Donna said...

Wow!! The photographer did a great job of showcasing the house - looks impressive!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful new home. I hope you make a lot of happy memories there.

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