Come inside.............

The bubbles were on ice...............ready to open our door 7th November 2012 at 5pm.

Nibblies are plated and ready to be enjoyed.

Our fabulous IKEA lights, they're made of paper would you believe!

The shelves are stocked and looking lovely.

It was a beautiful balmy night after a very wet and stormy day.

One of Donna's friends made these rusty little birds, she was inspired by the birdies on our logo.  Very clever!

The local baker and hairdresser buying up big, and a happy little school girl!  Donna really enjoying her role as Mrs Shopkeeper.

Thank you to all who made their way to our little shop we loved seeing you all and hope to catch up with you all again sometime soon.  We are now busy buying and restocking our shop!  Good times ahead!

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Anonymous said...

I want EVERYTHING! Your shop is adorable!