Here she is all grown up at her Year 12 Formal

iPhone photos taken by Dear Husband, and he only took four photos so not much to choose from.  As you can see Darling Daughter and Jack Sparrow are still an item, it's coming up to two years very soon.

Olivia with one of her oldest friends Ellie.  When I was in hospital having Olivia, Ellie was in the Childrens Ward at 8 months of age with her mum, so they did meet at a very early age.

Olivia and some of her closest friends all looking lovely for their special night.

She had an 'up-do' which looked very elegant, not sure how you do it.  I took it down when we got home and it was a mass of pins and actual knots. 
Just for fun here is a photo of Ellie and Olivia when they started school, it seems Olivia has finally caught up to Ellie 13 years later!


Jennifer said...

She looked absolutely stunning Lisa ..... so grown up !

Anonymous said...

Olivia and her friends all look so pretty! It's a little bittersweet isn't it .... you know they are now their own people and things won't be quite the same.

Of course, my guy, has been on his own for awhile now and I'm happy for him, but sometimes I miss those silly little kid moments we used to have.