Missing my favourite daughter

choosing her kitten 14 years ago

rocking it

year six formal

most recent

365 days old

a water babe

12th birthday

a broulee nipper

I've just had my first Mothers Day without any children and it wasn't the best one I've ever had.  Darling Daughter is overseas holidaying and I'm sure she's having a fabulous time but I do miss her cheeky face.  Surfer Boy winged his way to the Gold Coast for a birthday celebration and a bit of warmer weather, he flew the coop a few years ago.  I guess I've had my kids for almost 21 years now and sadly I have to accept that we can't all be together on special occasions like we once were.  My favourite son sent me a beautiful bunch of flowers on Sunday and that was a most welcome surprise.  

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Anonymous said...

I got to see my boy this year on Mother's Day, but haven't always. It's HARD when you don't get to see them.

(The pictures of you girl are so sweet. I love when she got her watch. Too cute!)