My latest crochet project and my photographic assistants, Annie and Ruby

I've been crocheting for over a year now so I thought it might be time to tackle a 'big' project.  I still have great difficulty reading crochet patterns and still get confused with UK and US stitch names.  If I could see the project I could copy it and if I saw someone doing it I could replicate it, read it and I'm a mess.  Anyway I found this pattern Ocean Tranquility Afghan which didn't seem to be too hard to work out and it hasn't been so far!  I was gifted a large quantity of beautiful chunky homespun pure wool, probably Australian as it has a lot of sticks and burrs that I pick out as I come across them.  I decided to get this wool out because sadly I recently came across a death notice in the paper for the lovely lady who gifted it to me.  So this blanket (Australian term for Afghan) will be known as my Annette blanket.  Yesterday I pulled out the back of a huge knitted jumper Annette had begun many years ago with this wool, I wound it around the legs of a chair and made it into a hank and then washed it carefully to remove all the crinkles and I'm pleased to say now it's dry it is so soft and springy.  Once I finish this mammoth amount of crochet I will soak it and then block this blanket and I hope it will become a family favourite over the cold winter months ahead. 
As you can see I always have assistants on hand to help me with my photography.  Our 14 year old cat Annie had been living down the coast with Darling Daughter but this week we brought her on the 500km 6 hour journey with us and I have to say she travelled so well probably because I had bags of my Nana's English lavender pegged allover her cage, she is always so calm and placid when she has lavender around her.  If she doesn't then it is a nightmare (poop, vomit, wee, you get the picture) transporting her even the shortest of distances.  Ruby and Annie get on famously and I think they have both been missing each other a lot. 
Now back to my crocheting!

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oh Lisa what a lovely thing to do.xx