I live in the county now and it's beautiful

An old abandoned farmhouse on the horizon as I head home from our shop.

Sheep under the trees outside a rustic old shearing shed.

Wind power to pump the water.

Wouldn't want to live in either of these roads, not a great address if you want to be a successful farmer.  Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard was always bare!

Why was it named 'Poverty Lane'?

Crops are looking great after a bit of good rain.

Spotted this deserted home today up a dirt road and this is as close as I could get.

Bit closer with my camera, wish I had my telephoto lens with me!

Spied this old homestead through the trees.

Curious sheep, not keen on me approaching with a camera.

Life in the country is quite different to my seaside life but it's equally as interesting especially if you like photography.  I get a bit waylaid when I'm travelling over and back to our shop and every time I find something new to check out with my lens.  Wish I had managed to get a shot of the wedge tail eagle on the road dining on roadkill, what a magnificent bird.  


Zara said...

Those farm houses are amazing. just thinking of the original timber floors, pressed metal ceilings, numerous open fireplaces and deep verandas. x

Sally said...

Lovely homesteads indeed.

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures here AND the pictures from the car show. Your new town looks really interesting.

Funny to see so many people in heavy jackets. We're very hot here! ;-)

Have a great weekend.