It's the little things that are the hardest sometime!


You know the hardest thing about moving has been finding a hairdresser!  Seriously!  This town is weighed down by hair and beauty salons, how to choose???  My first hairdresser was found by simply lapping the main street and when I found a hair salon with a car park out the front I parked and walked in and met the owner Renee and made an appointment.  Simple!  It worked she was a great hair cutter and colourist but sadly she has sold her business and now works in her parents Italian restaurant, she's great there too but I miss her. 
Anyway what to do?  A little bird told me that I should go and visit Kristen and that's what I did, first cut yesterday and it's great.  Mightn't look as wonderful as it did yesterday when Kristen coiffed it beautifully, mostly because I've been slack today and didn't even get the blow dryer out, this is my sun dried look which was really easy, just hang out lots of washing in the sun and this is what you get.  I've never been very precious or interested in doing my hair, I just need a good cutter who can give me an easy no maintenance style.  Next visit I'll test Kristen's colouring abilities, more and more greys are creeping in and I like them disguised as much as possible!  

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Anonymous said...

You could come visit me. I love my new stylist. He does a great "wash and wear" cut for me.

But, since that is probably not convenient . . . trial and error is probably the only way to find out for sure.

P.S. I have a FANTASTIC dentist too. Maybe if you did both here, it would be worth the trip. ;-)