My blog under scrutiny

I tried Peek to test the usability of my blog for free.  This great little video above is what was sent to my inbox and gave me some ideas for improving my blog.  I have listened and my blog pages are now much shorter and there is less clutter on my side bar.  I hope this makes it easier for all my readers to enjoy their time spent at my little corner of the blog world.  Maybe you want to test your blog or webiste?  They do also offer longer tests which would give you much more detailed advice I'm sure.

I've been blogging for 7 years and there is still so much to learn it seems.  Do people like my blog?  I don't know, but I do try to make it enjoyable.  My blog is primarily for me, I believe it is my place to document whatever I please and it gives me pleasure doing this and if others enjoy it too then that is great.  Any suggestions or comments are always welcome.  

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Anonymous said...

I like your blog ---- you always have beautiful pictures and write like we were just talking over a cup of tea. It's a very nice "place" to visit. :-)