Crochet for Kindrawares and cold winter days

I picked this English crochet magazine (Simply Crochet) up last week and I'm yet to settle down and have a good read.  It has some really great articles, projects and very interesting ads.  Maybe today after I throw a pot of soup on for dinner!  The magazine website has some great free patterns and tutorials too!

I'm always busy, even when I'm just watching TV or a good movie.  I hate just sitting and watching, I have to have something in my hands to work on or I feel like I'm wasting time.  These cowls and scarves are for our little shop in Coolamon, it gets a lot colder out there and I'm sure our shoppers will fall in love with these luxury yarns all made into one off accessories to set off their winter outfit.  I don't work from patterns I let the yarn dictate what it should become and of course how much yarn there is to work with really decides how the project begins.  

Chunky cream.

This one is soooooo soft and cosy.

My little sister loved this one too much, she had to have it.

I love this Italian mohair blend, fabulous warm winter colour.

Just noticed my favourite crochet blogger is featured in my new magazine.  Quick finish this blog post so I can go and read all about Lucy from Attic24!

Little neckerchiefs to keep the winter wind out.

This cowl is super soft and light, it's really long and can be pulled up like a hoodie to keep you really snug.

I love making my own tags from the yarn ball bands and my sewing machine.  I also include suggested washing instructions on the back of the label.  Don't be scared of washing woollens, they are so easy to keep clean and fresh.  

I've joined a winter yarn club and the first installment arrives this week!  I've been so looking forward to this, Jodie from Jellywares on Marshall has been teasing us with sneak peeks at the parcels as they were being packed.  I bought one of Jodie's kits last winter and made my Finito Scarf without too much trouble, once I got the first rows sorted it was pretty simple.  I've been very busy over the weekend finishing off crochet projects so I can justify starting whatever is in my yarn club parcel immediately!    


Susan said...

Beautiful products Lisa, you're very talented. That last grey cowl even looks super soft in the pic. I wish I had more time and skill for knitting and crochet.

Susan said...

My last comment went missing. I think your projects are lovely, ver very talented. The last cowl looks so cosy even in the pic.

Heather said...

You have been busy, all the projects are beautiful and the tags you have made are really special. How lucky the Ladies of Coolamon will be when they arrive in your shop.

Anonymous said...

I love that last cowl! So pretty!

All are great, but grey --- well, that's my thing.

Lea said...

ooh i am long overdue for a visit to the shop. these are all lovely.