Belated 40th birthday outing

This is the most beautiful garden, it is called 'Foxglove Spires' at Tilba, NSW. My two girlfriends took me here for a very girlie day out, we ate, shopped, walked, ate shopped and then finally decided we had better come home just as the garden was closing for the day.

This garden is very romantic, olde world and lush which is a pleasant change in our drought stricken state.

We enjoyed a healthy lunch and then indulged at afternoon tea having cake and ginger beer ice cream spiders, so very refreshing on a hot summer day.

I love gardening and my son wanted our garden to be just like 'Foxglove Spires' when he first visited it about 10 years ago. Our garden is about 1/5oth of the size of this sprawling garden but we have taken some of the elements and used them in our own much more humble garden.

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