New camera, not so keen model

This is Casper our 10 year old Jack Russell who was the only model available yesterday when my new Canon Powershot S3IS arrived. I have procrastinated for a while on what to buy but finally decided on this Canon as I have had a Canon IXUS for nearly 6 years and had no problems so thought I would stick with the same brand and software. I did toy with the idea of a digital SLR but it just seemed like too big a leap for me, I am no techno mum and Dear Husband is a scientist and of no help what so ever with technology! Thankyou again Jo for your great advice about cameras it was all taken in and chewed on, hope you are happy with my final choice

I will apologise now, you WILL see lots of new postings with hopefully great photos very soon.

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2paw said...

Lovely photos of Casper, he's a natural. Hope your tooth situation is all better!!!