What to do with an old pair of Levi's

Make an apron of course. Two of these were 40th birthday presents, another was for Mr Blobby for Christmas and the other is mine. Just rip into them and make a piece of denim big enough to cut out an apron, embellish as you go, use all the labels, belt keepers, pockets and scrap. Line with a favourite piece of homespun and write some favourite recipes on it ready for the lucky recipient and then you have a very unique gift in no time at all. Levi's are a great heavy weight denim so mark very durable aprons that protect your clothes and keep you safe in the kitchen.
This apron has a tea towel included which says 'no woman has ever killed her husband while he was doing the dishes', so take note guys!

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Lupita Matamoros said...

buena idea f e l i c i d a d e s

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