Tsunami warning

Yesterday morning there was a large earthquake near the Solomon Islands and the east coast of Australia was to expect a Tsunami around lunchtime. Warnings went out, beaches were closed, people headed for higher ground, others just panicked and many like me were oblivious to all the fuss. From this bad photo of an arial photo under glass hanging in our house you can see I would have been washed away with the tide while baking biscuits if the warning had been correct. Our home is on the corner of the cross road you can see in the photo and we are literally 3 steps above sea level.
I'm glad I didn't know, what would you do? Many we know rushed and grabbed their children from school, packed up and headed up the mountain.
There is no doubt the tsunami warning system is not very good especially when the media get hold of it. What would happen if it was the middle of the night? Much discussion needs to go on to find the most efficient warning system and then work out action plans for evacuations if necessary.
Anyway it's a new day today and we didn't get washed away so lets get out there and live our lives without fear.

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