10,000 steps each day

My sister has encouraged me to get my trusty pedometer out again and start on the 10,000 steps program. It's very simple, wear a pedometer from the minute you get out of bed till you retire to bed again at night and log the number of steps you have done each day on the 10,00 steps site. What could be simpler. The aim is to walk at least 10,000 steps for health and weight maintenance and if you want to lose weight do more. You can also log extra activities and record regular health assessments of your weight, height, measurements and it will convert this information into Body Mass Index. Check out the site, it's great, very simple to use and there are monthly challenges you can also participate in.

This morning I have been out for a stroll with Dear Husband and the faithful old dog and have so far logged 4609 steps and I got to see what was going on in the neighbourhood after a few days of rain has stopped me from getting out for a walk. The aerial photo was taken from a real estate sign I spotted while on my walk around our village, we live right down near the bulbous peninsular.

Will let you know how I'm going in a few weeks, hopefully will be feeling a bit fitter, a few inches trimmer and my daily average will be over 10,000!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures today. Good luck with your 10,000 steps.

I'll be rooting you on from my place on the treadmill and elliptical machine. It is far too hot to be walking about outside.