Lace and Addi's

This post is simply to let you all know that the new Addi Turbo 'Lace' circular needles with the pointier points and finer more supple red cord ar simply a pleasure to knit with. I don't think I have dropped one stitch yet, the finer shaped tips stop that first stitch from slipping over the end, they are so light and easy to knit with. You need to try them for yourselves or at least read this review. I am knitting up my Rowan Kidsilk Haze scrap, this is very good isn't it, 'waste not want not', then I can justify working on my new Colinette Parisienne that I picked up last week. Click on the photo for a closer view, will take an air shot when complete so you can see the lacey design better.

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Donna said...

That lace is wondeful. i love Adi needles. They are the best bar none. I must try some lace knitting.....i have done some very simple items but your swatch is lovely.