Been out walking

Today I pinned on my pedometer and off we went again. Just did a circuit of our village and ended at the local store for cappuccino and hot chocolate, so I guess I need to go for another circuit now! This old photo is at the store and shows our village 50 years ago, dirt roads and just a few holiday shacks. The village is planned out similarly to areas of our nations capital Canberra, the street names are suburbs of Canberra and most of the early investors in the area were from Canberra.

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Anonymous said...

Hiking the village sounds so much more interesting than "bustin' you butt on the treadmill". That's what I did this morning.

50 minutes on the treadmill and what seems like a ton of weight work. UGH

I'm gonna sit and knit this afternoon and just relax. You should too ... you deserve a break after all that walking!