Belated birthday bag

I can finally show you my latest bag creation. This one was made for a special friend who had a birthday last week and I managed to get into town today and give it to her although I didn't manage to find wrapping paper but it's the thought that counts isn't it? This was made with Cleckheatons Vintage Hues pure wool that I picked up locally because the colours were just perfect for my friend and I had to hide the wool when she visited last. I did have that naughty little helper in the late stages of the bag, I think it met Miss Puss's approval! It did get a very good washing after she tested it for comfort. I hope you enjoy your bag dear friend and I know you will enjoy "Priscilla" this weekend. We went up to see this show for my 40th birthday, it is a fantastic spectacle and so very entertaining.


Dee said...

Miss Puss looks quite pleased with herself.

The bag is beautiful. The silver ring on it is perfect with those colors.

Yummers! said...

I love the cat photo. So typical! Our cat looks for anything soft and has taken over the whole house.

The purse is lovely. I bet your friend loved it... who wouldn't? Your work and creativity are above-and-beyond.

Meggy said...

Looks beautiful, nice gift.