100 years ago today

This is my grandad and if her were still with us he would be 100 years old today. He was a farmer all his life and this photo is exactly how I remember him. I spent a lot of time with him on the farm which was my favourite place when I was small. He grew the best watermelons, he would slash them open on the loading dock of the shed and we would all sit up there dangling our legs and spitting seeds in all directions.

I have many fond memories of times on the farm with my grandparents but early mornings were my time with 'Papa', we would rise early and toast a piece of bread in the fire box of the old fuel stove on the end of a long wire fork listening to the strains of the ABC radio news announcement tune then off to the milking shed (above). While he leaned into the old cow and hand milked for the household I played with the tadpoles in the concrete water trough. We would walk back and he would slop some warm milk in an old metal dish for all the farm cats, rinse our boots at the tank stand then head in for more breakfast!

He had a sweet tooth and this well worn tin sat on the mantelpiece always full of his favourites and all the grand kids knew he would have a few in the bottom of his trouser pockets when he was out in the paddocks and he loved to share them.

I dearly wish my own kids could have known this gentle and loving grandad of mine.

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