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  • I am commonly known around these parts as 'The Knicker Police' by a few girlfriends and my car number plate amazingly also used to be TKP by chance! I have always loved nice undies and after many years of study and then beginning work at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney I finished my shift on my first pay day and rushed straight to Chatswood and spent my entire pay on loads of pretty underwear. Extravagant it might have been but it was so good to finally have nice smalls after years of very basic necessities. My girlfriends are some what scared of my gazes when we meet as I often find the wrong underwear poking out or shining through their clothes for the world to see, this is when 'The Knicker Police' will strike. Now having worked in a hospital the old saying about 'never leaving the house in holey underwear should be remembered', I have seen some very bad specimens! I have even gifted new undies to my girlfriends one Christmas and we have a lovely group photo of the girls proudly wearing their undies as Christmas hats..............this was at a private home!

Now remember girls these are the rules

  1. No flowery or patterned knickers under whites
  2. No visible G-string above the outerwear
  3. Definitely throw holey undies in the rubbish, don't even use them for dusting
  4. Large above the waist knickers look like parachutes on the clothesline so save them for when you are REALLY old and you won't even remember you are wearing them or care who sees them on the clothesline
  5. Lastly something to post on your refrigerator for those weak moments, "Fridge pickers wear big knickers!"


Jane-Jane said...

thank you for your post today... I needed the laughter today!

Meggy said...

Love it, just love it. This is my new saying ' fridge pickers wear big knickers" ....
Thanks for the laugh.