Tagged part one

I have been tagged a few times by fellow bloggers (one I can think of at the moment was Lisa the amazing bag maker at Pink Lemonade Boutique) and I have just simply not known what to write about myself. Eight interesting things are difficult to come up with so I am going to try and deal with it one at a time.
  • I am the mother of two great kids (Darling Daughter and Surfer Boy) who are both almost taller than me now, I'm only 5'5", no great challenge for a son who has size 12 feet or a 12 year old daughter who still has years of growing to do. One of my grandmothers was 6' tall and the other was 4'10" so I am somewhere in the middle which suits me fine as I can buy clothes off the rack and not have to alter the length very often. My husband is 6'2" so I am rapidly becoming the short one in this family!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures.

Congratulations to your DD on her first knitting project! It turned out cute.