Little black bag

Now it is said every girl needs a 'little black dress' so why not the 'little black bag' to go with it. I know this looks like a frilly tissue box cover at the moment but be patient and you will see what comes of this girly idea for a special events bag. I started knitting this bag last night with only a vague idea where I was heading but so far I am pleased. Should end up being a lovely girly little tote just perfect for a night out on the town perfect to dress up a plain outfit. I endeavour with all my bag patterns to have the most minimal amount of sewing up so I knit up stitches wherever I want to add details, this time frills.

I must be the only girl on the planet who hadn't watched 'You've Got Mail' till last night that is, I knitted and watched and got annoyed with the ads but now I can say I have seen it. Dear Husband headed off to bed early which is very rare but he looked a wreck after 6 days at work and a few on call and still more to complete. I had the TV remote to myself as the kids also took themselves off to bed early. I am only telling you this because it doesn't happen very often in this house that I get to watch a girly chick flick, I went to bed near midnight feeling good.


Donna said...

I can't wait to see the bag done. It looks like it will be lovely. My daughter could use a little black bag to go with her little black dress. The pictures of your great grandparents and family are amazing. Isn't wonderful how they posed. What a special keepsake for you.

Meggy said...

I also can't believe you had not seen that movie LOL. Bag looks great. Is that totally free form? no pattern???