A happy family snap

This photo arrived last night and I think it is just wonderful. This is my great grandfathers youngest sister and her young family, around 1905 I think. I love how it is a formal family sitting but then to be able to see their slab hut home and outbuildings, yards, paddocks, fencing, horse cart and a perfect reflection behind them is just beautiful. Click on the photo for a closer look around family life a century ago on the land. There is also a fourth child on the other side of the water. Life was obviously hard but the children look like they were thriving. Sarah went on to have 11 children with only one dying in childhood which was quite probably the babe in this photo. Living in the digital age is fantastic for sharing family history, no one has to let their treasured photos and documents out of their hands but it is so easy to send them to interested others. I love hearing the stories of their lives, not just getting the names and dates. Everyone has a story to tell even if they think their life is ordinary. I just wish I could sit down and talk to some of the very interesting characters I have found on our family tree. If your parents and grandparents or other rellies are still kicking sit down and listen, you won't know what you have missed out on until they are gone then it is too late to ask!

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