Blog love

Now quite a few weeks back Nan at Nannybird Crafts sent me a comment to tell me she loved my blog and I was so thrilled that she thinks that much of my blog to let me know. I have to apologise to Nan for not doing something about posting it. I am very slack.

Nan told me she has a "girl crush" on me and this made me Laugh Out Loud (LOL), there should be more of this sort of laughter every day. I have to say I have read Nan's blog for quite some time and she is very resourceful when making her bags, she is the green queen or bags, hers are made from recycle shopping bags or magazines, inspiring. Take a look for yourselves.

The real reason I haven't attended to this post earlier was that I didn't know how to post the picture, today the penny has dropped and I know how to do this post. Now I can also tell you that Dee over at The Daily Stitch had also told me I was a Rockin' Girl Blogger a very long time ago. Dee and I communicate most days, it has been really interesting hearing all about her life in a very different part of the world and she is a very prolific sock and dishcloth knitter.

Thank you Dee and Nan for your kind words and for promoting my humble little blog of mostly textile stuff and a lot of family life stuff. Now I have a few favourites that I read most days and as the girls above are already taken then I will find a few new ones for you all to check out.

Listed in no particular order, just how they spring to mind today.

Lisa of Pink Lemonade Boutique is a big favourite because she is a bag lady like myself and we share the same name as do our daughters.

Becky-Dee of
The Sleepy Knitter is a high school girl living in another Australian state who is a fabulous knitter and designer who will be published later in the year, she reminds me of myself when I was that age................a long time ago!

Levin at I Wannabe Crafty is a very creative mum who just wants some time to be crafty, join the club Levin, there aren't enough days in the week ever so just jam the days full.

Abby at luv Abby this girl used to live underground in a dugout and I'm still waiting for the pics now she has moved to the same state as me and is living above ground. She has two blogging sisters that you can also check out Jelly Wares who sews for her gorgeous daughter, also Pretty in Pink she just got married and now needs to post some photos!

Claudine at Knitting Box is another Australian blogger who is a beautiful knitter and retro style sewer and her blog is lovely to read.

I hope you are all happy now that I have pointed you to some new blogs to read? Let me know what you think. If you are one of the loved blogs of mine please take one of the pics and post it on your blog with some of your favourite reads, this makes the blogging world go round.


Levin (and Emily) said...

I'm so glad you like our blog. Once I work out how to take one of the pictures, I will! Thanks.
I love your blog too - thanks to you have felted my first bag and am halfway through my next one! I really appreciate the inspiration that I get from all the blogs I read.

luv Abby said...

Hi Lisa,
I love your blog so much it is a huge treat for you to mention not only me but my gorgeous sisters in your blog loving post....
thanx also for the links... I just deleted a whole bunch of blogs off my fave list and feel the need to seek fresh bloggers....
luv Abby

Nan said...

Awww... how nice of you to share your favorite blogs, as Abby says, I recently deleted a lot of bloggers who I used to read, they had not been posting as much as they used to.

I have been searching for some new ones I might enjoy, I will check them out, thanks for sharing.

Can I snag a rockin girl blogger?, I have wanted one for a long time, but no one has sent it to me! [hint, hint.... ;) LOL ]

Jelly Wares said...

I just love your blog Lisa!!!! I'm so honoured that you've given me a mention on it.
I've been looking for some fresh new blogs to read this past week so thanks heaps for the links.
Keep up the GREAT work!!!!


claudine said...

Oh thanks for the blog love, Lisa! You have a lovely blog too here, I love the things that you make!

Lisa said...

Just read this post, and you made my day!!! thanks Lisa :)