Life is like a box of chocolates

The way to my heart is a simple one.................chocolate, as many of my good friends already know! Over the last couple of months I have met a new group of women as their beginner patchwork teacher and we have formed lovely friendships within this group. Yesterday was our last lesson and the students have almost completed the tops of their very first quilts and they are truly beautiful and their workmanship is so high, well done to you all. In my teaching life I have been rewarded constantly with seeing students turning out great works with a little guidance and it really does feel good when you can impart knowledge, but a box of chocolates from my class just made my day yesterday. Thank you to you all, I have so enjoyed our small group and the opportunity to get to know you all. I will await your completed quilt photos eagerly.

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Anonymous said...

Yummy! Lindt is one of my favorite brands! They are sooo rich. Enjoy them!