Fathers day fish and chips

Today is Fathers Day in Australia and the dad in this house was spoiled with strange gifts all chosen by his children. No jocks or socks this year! He told the kids because it was his day he got to choose what we do for the day. A family bike ride, we were all happy about this as it was a gorgeous day. So we set off to visit the two other local villages and we took along a big towel and the tomato sauce and dined on fish and chips out of the box at the beach. The kids had a water fight with Dear Husband on the beach which was fun for all involved, Dad came off the wettest! When we arrived home we relaxed with ginger beer spiders all round, very refreshing on a hot day. Just waiting for dinner to finish cooking, a small pork roast with all the trimmings, again Dad's choice........all in all I think he has had a great day with his kids.

I have also had time to have a nice soak in the bath with a face masque to rejuvenate me. Now if I can get a few rows of knitting in this evening it will be a really good day.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's downunder.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all.