Fibres, Felting and Kaffe

Another felted project finally finished. Something different for me, it's usually knitted and felted bags, this time I have made a journal cover with page marker using a dry felting technique. I used wool roving, wool felt and worked a very simple needle-felted design onto it, embellished with some hand embroidery. I have used one of my favourite Kaffe fabrics for sashing and lining. This is to be an introductory class in the basics of needle-felting, hope the girls like it and enjoy playing with fibre as much as I do. This is a nice simple gift for almost anyone, especially for people like me who likes to write down my patterns as I knit or quilt.


Sarah Leak said...


The journal cover is stunning as is all of your work. To me it is amazing that if I put a knitted jumper in the wash I would be horrified if it ended up felted, but your bags, etc just end up even more stunning.

Must pull out my Better Homes too.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh... I LOVE the colors. What a nifty idea.

Donna said...

Each blog has such great things. I love the boho bag, and you knitted cloths are great. Those pieces of china would make good buttons once smoothed out. How fun to collect them. Unfortunately, here on the east coast of the US we find more garbage then treasure! My town keeps our beach clean but each day brings a new challenge.

Levin (and Emily) said...

fabulous journal cover - i've just done a course in hand felting - but mine doesn't look as good as your felt - mine's a bit lumpy and bumpy and weird - perhaps i need to practice more?????

love the bag your sister made - she's obviously very clever too!