Statistics............boring you might say

I am finding it very interesting collecting statistics about you the readers of this blog. I began collecting new data with Statcounter last month and I will share the last month with you. There have been 1392 pageloads and to my amazement 861 unique visitors and 558 of them are new visitors and 303 are then returning for another look! Here is a demo page of what Statcounter can provide for you free.

It is very gratifying to know that my visitors like what they see and return for more. I must say I really do enjoy blogging and would recommend it to anyone who wants motivation that comes from writing down daily events and thoughts. This blog is a Blogger blog and it's also free, take a minute and have a quick tour, you can do this too!

Now most of you know I live in the land downunder but the visitors I've had at this blog are worldwide and from the most obscure places. Click on the map logo at the bottom of my blog page and you can see for yourself.

This blog has just passed it's 6 month anniversary and I think that might be cause for some celebration or at least an excuse to show off a knitted and felted champagne tote! Sorry you can't all share the contents with me but thank you to all my readers and commenter's you make my days so much better. Here's to you, cheers.


Dee said...

Happy blogiversary! Hope the champagne was enjoyed!

Jelly Wares said...

Congrats on reaching 6 months!!!! I've been using statcounter for a couple of months now and must agree that it's awesome!!!! I love getting on there and watching my little world light up. It's just amazing to think that someone on the other side of the globe is tuning in and reading my dribble.

I hope you have as much fun with your next 6 months in the big wide world of blogging as you have with your first.

Levin (and Emily) said...

fabulous felted champagne tote! i will go and investigate the stat counter - i think i will need one on my blog too!