Fun recycling today

Found this fun little idea yesterday over at Etsy Labs. It's simple, just fuse flimsy shopping bags together with your iron between baking paper and then you can make it up into whatever you need. I needed a new pencil case to keep things tidy in my knitting bag here it is. Not perfect but it was a quick little project that I thought I would pass on to you all. Love to see what you do with the idea!


Dee said...

Very cute. I love the tractor picture.

luv Abby said...

I luv it... I am heading over there now for instructions.
luv Abby

Nan said...

Now that turned out very cute! I use this stuff all the time to make liners for my crocheted purses I make out of the same material.

I'm glad to know there is a tutorial for how to do it, I am going to use the same link in my pattern I am writing on how to make a purse like the ones I have the slide show of on my blog. It will save me the time of trying to explain it, thanks for posting it!