I love Sundays at home

A green bag for spring, it's a lovely grey/green a bit like our frost bitten grass, but I have some good ideas for embellishing it to give it a very stylish look. More later as usual.

Surfer Boy the salmon catcher. All the local boys have been out surfing for hours today and they spotted the salmon running so they raced home grabbed some fishing tackle and caught some. It must be fun to be a teenage boy around here so much to do and mostly perfect weather for doing it. What childhood should be, fun! Did you notice Surfer Boy's new bike, a PUCH bicycle made in Austria, he loves it mainly because he found it on a council roadside collection heap. All the boys found 'new' old bikes perfect for dumping in the dunes with no fear of them being stolen while they are busy catching a wave.

Spring is really here and nature is doing it's thing to get rid of those winter blues. Dear Husband has been out in the garden all day having a lovely time whippering, clippering, mowing and blowing and the yard looks good.

Two sinks full of gorgeous fresh picked greens from my vege garden. I've just finished a quick blanching, when they are cooled they can be popped into the freezer for later use.


Anonymous said...

YUM -- fresh salmon and veggies!

You will be eatin' good!

It still sounds so funny for you to be going into spring. I'm very much looking forward to heading into fall!

Great photos, as usual!

luv Abby said...

hello spring time.... wow... what a fbaulous weekend lisa.
luv Abby

Jane-Jane said...

Can I come live with you for the next 6 months?!? We are in South Carolina, USA, but it won't be near as warm hear as you will be in a couple of months. I LOVE the warmth!