Old or new

Here are some of the more interesting patterned pieces of old china I have found, just cleaned them up a bit and they are laying out drying off. Does anyone recognise these patterns or know their possible age? Might have to go and check with a local antiques dealer. They look like old designs to me and they appear aged because they have been tossing around in the water and along the shore for goodness knows how long. I don't expect to find a whole piece but the variety of patterns and the 'hunt' just keeps me going and I'm outdoors walking!

Click on the photo for a closer inspection please.


allee said...

Bit late to comment on these, but it is a passtime of mine. I collect bits of China on the mainland opposite Fraser Is (Qld) and it has me asking the same questions as you. Each time I wander along the beach a new treasure catches my eye. If you believe the writings of 1421, the Chinese passed this way and of course I think something could have come from these. Also I believe early Europeans to this area traded china with the Aborigines for information about the area. But as you say it would be great to have a dealer cast his eyes over them.

Lisa said...

Hi Allee,

It's never too late to comment, I only wrote it this morning anyway! Thank you for your insight into my china fragments. Just returned from another fruitful scrounge. New patterns still. This area was coastal farmland in the 1800's and there is a pioneer cemetery on the headland with only one grave still visible. Just along from where I scrounge was a railway track that was used to load the ships in the river that took farm produce and delivered good to and from Sydney. Maybe a spilt crate? There are a few aboriginal middens and burial areas in the very near vicinity as well.

Thanks, Lisa